Sunday, September 30, 2012


I was so 'gung ho' and very excited about becoming a blogger.  You see, I so much believe that I am destined to write a novel, although I have not even begun one yet, so blogging regularly would be a breeze, no problem.  After coming out 'guns blazin' and publishing three posts, I hit a wall!!  I felt I wanted to write, but when I would sit down, all thoughts vanished.  My younger sister, who I refer to as my 'blog coach' shared with me how she established her blog but did not actually publish any posts until almost two years later.  (Matter of fact you might enjoy her blog spot !!  I enjoy it immensely.  Here's the link:  She said to just ease into the writing and to not feel pressured into thinking that I had to regularly publish.   Those words put me at ease and helped me realize that great novels took years sometimes to write, so that applies to blogs as well I'm sure.

This is my fourth year being back in Northeast Ohio for the Autumn season.  The weather changing to cooler nights and mornings actually are welcome after the gosh-awful 90 degree days, consecutive days, we endured during the summer.  But the foliage changing - we were not allowed to ease into that Autumn change.  Trees with red and yellow leaves and trees with NO leaves seemed to greet me seemingly overnight.  I was not mentally ready for what appeared to happen all of a sudden.  I was not allowed to ease into this seasonal change.  So I found myself a little depressed? Caught off guard? Just not mentally ready.  Why you ask am I making such a big deal over this?  Well because Autumn also causes me to reflect back on the year, especially the Spring and Summer AND the promises I made to myself and the lists I made of those things I was 'definitely going to do the spring and summer of 2012'.  And alas, here I am with the naked and nearly naked trees and the realization I did none of the things on that list. 

The Lord willing, I will have next year's spring and summer.  Until then, during the upcoming winter months I'll just ease on down the road (tip of the hat to the movie 'The Wiz' featuring the late Michael Jackson and Diana Ross ).


  1. What a great post! I love your use of the "ease" prompt. Also, thanks for giving me a shout out (especially the "blog coach - Lol!) I feel the same way about the sudden arrival of Fall, even though it is such a relief from the daily scorching. Makes me kinda melancholy to think it's nearly time to bury ourselves inside. And yes - write when the inspiration hits you; blog without obligation (notice that badge @ the bottom of my place). Love you :-)

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