Thursday, August 30, 2012


my younger sister has been blogging for a few years now.  And she is happy to see her older sis taking up this therapeutic hobby!  She turned me on to a couple sites that provide topics to write on when those writers' block moments occur.

well this week one of those sites has the word 'EXPLORE' and my mind raced.  I went from my childhood when as a teeny-bit tomboy, me and my older sis, along with our brothers, would explore the neighborhood, even the undeveloped lots that looked wild and unkempt.

as we got older, my sister and I would walk to visit relatives, and oftentimes we would use different walking routes, exploring new streets and neighborhoods.  This was back in the day when walking was so en vogue!

and as I got older, exploring various paths in life of course occurred; these explorations included living in different cities and meeting all sorts of people. 

about three years ago, or maybe two, I'm not sure, I discovered a hard 'spot' in my right breast.  I chalked it up to menopause of course, nothing serious.  And then I decided to ignore it since I self-diagnosed that "nothing is wrong, no need to take it serious".  Well during my visit for a check-up about 4 months ago now, my doctor explored my breasts and insisted I have a mammogram, which I did.  The results were benign, but the doctor wants to perform surgery.

EXPLORE your breasts and do not self-diagnose.  Make sure your favorite breasts feel awesomely perfect!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

In the beginning

the desire to blog has been in my spirit for some time now.  And recently I read that if you don't adhere to the proddings from that 'still small voice' then that window just might close and the gifts could be lost.  Well although I heard that voice several months ago, it did continue to nag me;  I am thankful for that becausse here I am!!

so who am I and what am I doing and what is LAFF?

Life After the Forties and the Fifties (LAFF) is the name given to me by the still small voice.  I had a milestone birthday this year, and although I don't look OR feel this milestone, here I am.  (I am certain you have figured out what that milestone is by now.)

i want to use this platform to share thoughts and feelings I am experiencing.  Perhaps I am still in awe about my age, perhaps I am continuing to become that writer I feel is inside me.  I don't know what it is, but here I am!!  I know I will not be posting everyday, but I do hope you will return from time to time.  It has taken over a week to write these few paragraphs and to publish.

i am eager to 'publish' - man, that word 'publish' is so powerful to me.  So I have described LAFF, and next time I will tell you more about me.