Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Well

This morning I found myself awaking with this thought running through my mind 'Why am I getting all of these get well cards? I'm not sick!'  Like yesterday there was a legal size envelope in the mailbox and it was full of get well cards from co-workers!!  And the past few weeks I've received dozens of 'feel better soon' cards and then my thoughts were 'I'm fine, just had a couple surgeries (that in itself is ludicrous, but I'm wandering off topic) and I'll be just as good as new when these incisions heal up.'

Boy am I wrong!!  I have breast cancer.  That cancer spread into 8 lymph nodes; a total of 16 lymph nodes were removed.  Hello!!  I learned we only have 40-60 lymph nodes in our bodies.  And they DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT 'reproduce'.  And we need them.

I begin chemo treatments in two weeks; it will be four weeks since the last surgery, the maximum time the oncologist must wait before the start of chemo.  And he wants us to begin right away.  So we will begin.

Two weeks from today will be the start of my becoming hairless - all over.