Saturday, June 20, 2015


Well I simply cannot believe that it has been well over a year since I last published a blog posting!  So what have I been doing in the meantime?

I profess to 'loving to write 'and wanting to 'write that novel' and 'needing to write in my blog'.  Yet I did nothing for over a year?

Here I am.

So much has transpired in this past year that definitely provided writing material.  But I was silent.

Here I am.

I let other matters take priority, such as my job situation.  The time frame of my last post was about the time we were officially informed our department at my place of employment would be 'decommissioned'.  Initially I was okay with it, saying I would be the good employee and help out-source my job with a smile.  Then I went into survival mode I suppose and decided I better look out for me.  So I proceeded to look for another position.  I got one within the company, and then quickly realized I had to keep myself busy in that new position, there was no pre-scripted list of duties for me to take and own.  It is about one year later, and so much has transpired in this new area.  I have settled in I believe.  I have come to realize just how much energy I put into making sure I was deemed needed at my place of employment.  And I have come to realize that expending all that energy was totally unnecessary.  Oh just where was my faith?  Instead I felt that I had to do something (and the thought that I had the power to do something makes me chuckle and shake my head).  Looking back, I just had to continue to be my usual calm, conscientious, caring professional self.  I just had to be still and know that all would be taken care of.  Oh well.  Lesson learned.

Here I am.

Is it too late to make up for lost time?  It is never too late; well not in this case anyway.

I am now looking at my writing as a way to spend time for myself.  That's something I always read, to make time and to take time for myself.  After writing I feel as though I 'emptied' my brain of some good thoughts that I most definitely was supposed to share.  My writing is necessary.

I am also looking at my writing as a calling.  I am supposed to share this part of me.

So look for more FREQUENT and TIMELY posts on L.A.F.F.

I have returned.  Here I am

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  1. Cool! Love your writing style, your thoughts make me think, and I love you. Glad you're back and I'm looking forward to reading more.